Throw out the Dish Towel

Tonight is New Year’s Eve, when we celebrate out with the old. Good riddance, I say. The coming New Year has all the promise which we could possibly desire – we can lose weight, save money, and improve our relationships. When was the last time we had that golden opportunity?

I remember. It was about a year ago when I viewed the first sunrise of 2013. Funny how each year gets old, just like we do. How can we ensure that twelve months from now 2014 will not join that awful 2013 in the dustbin of our mind?

First, practice laughing at yourself.

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Samui Breeze

The motorbike putt putts,
diminishing in the afternoon.

The woman sings
from the comfort of a radio.

The ship turns slowly,
slowly on the tide.

All is well.
​All is always, always well.

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The Gift of Yourself

Tonight is Christmas Eve and most of us are shopping, anticipating, or trying to complete whatever before year end. Here I am at my dining room table writing a blog. For your sake, and mine, I’ll make it short.

I have an idea for a single gift that will cost you nothing, is already gift wrapped, and will bring joy to you and to hundreds of others for the eight remaining days this year, and the 365 days available in 2014.

Give the gift of yourself.

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The Corners of Eyes

are dangerous.
That is where

I first glimpsed-
lemon meringue pie

a Maserati
and, oh yes,

my wife

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Kids Will Be Grownups

I have nine children. Three are from my first marriage, two stepsons from my second marriage, and three daughters from my third marriage. (My final marriage, as Daveen would say.) For those few of you who check the numbers like I do, I add one foster child who graduated with honors from Tufts University.

They range in age from 26 to 51. Each has graduated from college. They have earned twelve graduate degrees among them. And every single one was once seven years old, as well as sixteen years old — just like you and me (unless you’re now younger than sixteen – but even so, there is already an adult blossoming inside of you).

I mention all of this not to brag, though I am extremely proud of each of my children, but to point out that every one was once an adult in waiting. I never spanked a single child. I never “grounded” a child. What I did was to consistently expect responsible behavior.

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At the end of the day
when we cuddle in bed

I wonder-

did I

doing anything else

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Good News

This is to share the good news – People Tools has received an early Christmas present from Publisher’s Weekly – a great review.

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Or Am I a Butterfly Dreaming I Am a Man?

I woke up at 6:32 this morning screaming at my wife, “When does the f***ing ship leave!!!!!”

We were not on a ship. We were in a hotel room. A few mornings before, I woke up Daveen by kicking her legs. Another nightmare, something about my being interviewed for People Tools and not remembering a single fact about my book.

In this morning’s edition my extended family had just returned from our present vacation, but somehow ended up in Seattle, scheduled to leave at any moment on a cruise. Our luggage lay scattered in a motel room with a large door at one end for truck access, but we were on the ship where I was trying to find out what time it was leaving.

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How Does Love Die

Knifed by deceit?

Strangled by fear?

Or daily-
by a thousand


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Where Does All the Time Go?

I have come to respect budgets.

A budget is nothing more or less than a plan, normally a money plan. If you think you will have $1,000 coming in this month, and want your outgo to equal your income, then you can list the categories within which you plan to spend your $1,000. Say $200 for food, $200 for car payments, $100 for recreation, etc.

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