Got A Problem? Let Your Subconscious Solve It

  I am often asked, “What is your favorite People Tool?”  My answer changes from…

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I Have No Time for Excuses

  I’m more than a little angry tonight and if it shows, it should.  I’m…

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Avoid Financial Disaster

  One of my “Chiseled in Granite” business principals is:  “Avoid Financial Disaster.” I learned…

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Patterns Persist Because We Are Creatures of Habit

  Whenever I visit a buffet restaurant I eat more than I had intended. This…

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Kill Your Darlings

  Last week, I finally finished the manuscript for my new book, People Tools for…

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Old Money Habits Die Hard, if at All

  I hate to waste money, but for the past six months I’ve been driving…

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5 Ways to Make the Annual Review Process Less Painful

  Last week, I wrote an article for Fast Company magazine’s on Bottom Line blog,…

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Belt Buckle: Actions Always Speak Louder Than Words

  “It’s simple,” the all-star defensive lineman explained. “The great ball carriers like Jim Brown…

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Get Past Perfect

  I used to be a partial perfectionist. I say “partial” because certain aspects of…

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5 Tips for Effective Delegation

I am working at my desk. I hear a soft chime, and up pops an e-mail from one of my investors. He’s asking the same question he has already asked me three times in the last two months ago. It would take me an hour to research and answer his question, just as it would have taken me the first time he asked. Now my investor is upset and I am under increasing pressure to perform. What to do, what to do?


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Solve It Forward

When I was a kid I earned comic book money by pulling dandelions out of the lawn in our back yard. My mother paid me one cent for each dandelion. A comic book cost ten cents. So every week I would try to find twenty or thirty dandelions to yank out. I liked comic books. One time I wanted to make a lot of money, and I remember talking to my mom in the back yard on a hot Sunday afternoon for more than three hours while I pulled out 600 dandelions. I think that was the day my mom stopped paying me a dandelion-pulling fee and I had to find comic book money elsewhere.

But here is the catch. I only earned a penny if I pulled out the whole dandelion, including the root.

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Where Does All the Time Go?

I have come to respect budgets.

A budget is nothing more or less than a plan, normally a money plan. If you think you will have $1,000 coming in this month, and want your outgo to equal your income, then you can list the categories within which you plan to spend your $1,000. Say $200 for food, $200 for car payments, $100 for recreation, etc.

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People say I’m good at multitasking. I say, “Nonsense.”

I can only focus on one task at a time. I just switch from one task to another quickly. As my yoga teacher says, I can go from, “being Buddha to channeling a thunderstorm in one nanosecond.”

But aren’t we missing the point when we admire multitasking? I prefer multi-goaling. It’s far more effective than multitasking and extremely efficient. Consider an example.

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Catch the Up Elevator

Let’s go for joy and Catch the Up Elevator. And let’s do that without the cooperation of anyone else in the world. If you want it done right, do it yourself.

Where did you start your day today? Tenth story with a Happy View? Ground floor with Starbucks? The Basement of Gloom?

It makes no difference where you started because you can go up from there. Most of my days begin above ground level and end up higher. Especially when I get home in the evening to spend time with my wife and family. But every single day I am influenced either from the outside (by other people), or from the inside (by me).

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