A New Year – Release Your Inner Enthusiast

January 2, 2018 - 3 minutes read

Even though a new year actually begins every single day of your life, most of us only pay attention to the New Year that begins on January 1st.

I’ve had too many experiences with resolutions that last only a week (or less), to expect that any New Year’s Resolution will be long lasting, especially if your list is a long one.  So, in addition to firmly resolving that you will read my blog each week, let’s all make only one more resolution this year. Let’s resolve to release our inner enthusiast.

Remember the excitement you felt as a child?  If not, take a look at this video of children and adults receiving puppies and kittens as holiday gifts.

One little boy in particular, who looks a bit like me when I was seven or eight years old, radiates such joy that it could help all of us stay inspired throughout the new year.

Here are a few suggestions for other ways to release your inner enthusiast:

For your partner — “I appreciate you.  Thanks for (fill in the blank).”

For your parents – “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.  You’ve been a great positive influence in my life.”

For your children – “Ever since you were born you have brightened my life.”

For your friends – “Every day I’m thankful we are friends.”

For your coworkers – “We spend a lot of time together at work each day.  I’m glad we’re in it together.”

For your boss – “You do a great job.”  (If you can’t honestly say this, think about transferring to a job where you can say it.  Life is short.)

For everyone who helps you in your life, from a waitperson to a telephone operator — “Thanks for your help.  You made a difference in my day.”

For a stranger passing you on the sidewalk – a warm smile and a “Nice day.”

Your enthusiasm lives inside of you all the time.  Don’t leave it there.  When you openly release your inner enthusiasm it will do both you and others a world of good

I appreciate you reading my blog.

Many thanks.


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