Praise For People Tools

Dear fellow friend,

I know you get numerous emails a day so I will keep this short and sweet. I just finished reading your book, People Tools, and I can’t remember the last time I read a book before this one, and I am a college kid…I have to say that was the most educational thing I have read and reading that makes me feel like I have known you for years. It inspired me to change my outlook on life and I couldn’t thank you enough.

If you do end up reading this just know you have changed my life for the better and I am encouraging everyone I know to read this book. Thanks again Alan, I hope you have touched everyone else’s lives who have read this book as much as you have impacted mine.



My next round of inspiration just arrived!


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So grateful for Alan


and his team @peopletoolsbook! If you want a good read on business, life or relationships please check out the series that Alan offers. :)

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My Friday night party!


My favorite blanket and an awesome book @peopletools!

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You're a good man.

Mr Fox, I admire & applaud you! Just very rare, sincere and kind human being.

"You have to take care of yourself before you can properly take care of others." - Alan Fox



Teacher @UniversityofDenver "If you could interview one business person, who would it be?

@AlanCFox for sure #PeopleToolsforBusiness

Hi Alan! Your book is great, really! Amazing. Thank you for it!


A MUST read!!!

My first thought when purchasing this book was "Do I really need another book on love and relationships?" I am SO glad I said yes!!! Alan Fox puts things in perspective that you want to read this book and that I could not put it down. I am happy to recommend this book to everyone!!! A must read!!!

"Such an important message for all of us. It seems so obvious, but most of us forget sometimes that dreams are just that and if we want to take them out of that realm, it takes hard work and hustle. Thanks for the beautifully written reminder!"

Alan, great advice.

Many years ago you explained the idea of "make it simple for me." I was writing magazine articles at the time. When interviewing experts I began asking them to describe their views in language suitable for a child. Invariably they provided easily understood information and a far richer experience for readers. Your suggestion continues to be a winning technique in many human relationship venues also. Thank you! -- John

"Just finished this book in two readings and it was fantastic!!! Well done Alan!!! Thanks for sharing your stories and experiences ;-)"

Enjoying the book...

...and sharing the lessons on the journey :)

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"Thank you for being a beautiful pathway <3 You are incredible – : ) feeling blessed.

Hi Alan,

Really enjoying the book...not only am I using the tools in my life...I find myself sharing the tools with personal friends and colleagues. ....too include complete strangers~ Thank you Mr. Fox

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I just finished reading your book in less than 24 hours and loved it.

While I already practice and teach many of your life tools I love the way you present them, the stories and the humor. I'm a fan! It's a book I'll read again and also check out your other books too. Thanks for the great work. Inspiring.

Great post Alan!!!

I especially like the part about surrounding ourselves with happy people! It's contagious and the support is awt! Thank you for sharing :-D

On my 4th book of the year and loving @peopletools and his books.

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"...Debi’s copy of ‘People Tools' is now very dog-eared and a bit tattered because the employees have been reading it so much..."

After reading the strategy ‘Socrates-Know Thyself’, Jen realized that although she had been feeling that she should accept the offer she received to go to college at Berkeley, she felt in her heart that she was meant to go to UCLA and ultimately made the decision to accept their offer instead. She wrote to [my daughter] Erika in October saying that it was the best decision she ever made and thanked her for giving her family the book that helped change her life.

“Erika also gave a copy of People Tools to her boss, Debi, who owns and runs an upscale beauty salon. . . Debi read the book and loved it so much, particularly the ‘Catch Them Being Good’ strategy which she says she uses daily at work with her stylists and at home with her husband (who is undergoing treatment for a brain tumor) and young kids and is seeing fantastic results, that she decided to put the book in the back room of her salon for employees to read during their breaks. Erica says that Debi’s copy of ‘People Tools” is now very dog-eared and a bit tattered because the employees have been reading it so much, they have had great discussions on the various tools, and have all benefitted from the resulting exchange of deep concepts and ideas.”

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[ lifestyle essentials ] / pt. II

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My goal for the year was to read 12 books this year...

... well I'm on number 16 and my next book is #peopletools. @peopletools really captivates his audience with such easy reads. The topics are great, and this one will be awesome. I can't wait to get his advice on cultivating friendships and enhancing my relationships. #betterlife #peopletoolsforlove #bookworm #bookstagram #booklover #keepgrowing

Hi, Mr. Fox.

I'm a high school student and I had bought your book a couple days ago in hopes of improving my life. I just wanted to let you know that People Tools has helped me look at more things with more positivity. I love reading the book in my free time at school and I'm currently reading catching a feather right now. I just started to read books and I'm very thankful that I came across yours. I have a huge drive to become successful and happy when I get older and I'm sure People Tools will help me get there. Have a good day Mr. Fox!

"Excited to see an ad in the @AmericanAir mag for my friend @AlanCFox's three #PeopleTools books. You will love them."

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